• You are about to establish a company, however, you hasn’t had an office in order to legalize the procedures?
  • You are worrying about the high cost of renting an office nowadays?

A virtual office at The Vietnam National Law Consultancy Company can help you solve these problems.


A virtual office is also called 0-m2 with accompanied services such as: a physical place of transaction of the company, telephone number, fax number, receptionist, company sign, accountants for tax report. The service has come into existence since a long time ago, however, it is still quite new in Vietnam. When using the service, customers don’t need to bring stuffs into the office. All they have to do is putting the company sign at the office. In addition, customers using virtual office service don’t need to have their own full-time receptionist or staff working at the office. The service provider will represent customers to receive phone call, fax and documents sent to the office. Then, these informations and documents will be sent to the customers. 

The fee for a virtual office is usually much cheaper than a real office.


Most of businessmen suppose that cost issue is always the most problematic one to the company, among other issues such as business ideas, human resource, market, competitors…

Therefore, a virtual office at Sunouchi Office is one of the best solution for businessmen, especially for entreprenuers to minimize monthly costs. With the very low charge, you can have:

  • An address for legalizing the procedures of company establishing and transactions.
  • A modern office which is fully equipped with devices including air-conditoners, telephones, fax machines, refrigetators. 
  • A luxury reception area with well-trained and multi-lingual receptionists which help create a professional and gentle style for your company (Your company put at the reception area)

If you have any inquiries or would like to request for further information, please contact us by calling or sending us an email. We will attend to your request as soon as possible.

Virtual Office options:

ItemsPackage 1 Package 2 Package 3
Professional address for business registrationX    
Office sign at Sunouchi ReceptionX    
Private phone number, telephone answer upon Tenant’s
State-of-art reception area with professional staff  
Letter/parcel receiving and forwarding 
Forward calls to requested number  
Shared fax number and forwarding  
FREE usage of high speed internet 
FREE, UNLIMTED beverage for you and your guests  
FREE 8 hours usage of Office Lounge  
FREE 2 hours usage of standard meeting room
FREE access to work station for 03 days per month 
FREE 30 pages of black/A4 photocopy 
Office sign at the Building ReceptionX 

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