Rent Conference Rooms and Meeting Rooms in Sunouchi Office

Professional meeting space for groups of three or more in Sunouchi. Collaborate, ideate and express yourself in style. Book conference space by the month, day or hour.

A meeting is like a delicate eco-system—all the participants and amenities have to be in perfect balance for the call or presentation to reach its greatest potential. To make the best impression, reserve a private and professional conference room in Sunouchi Office with comfortable furniture, high-speed Internet, kitchen facilities, state-of-the-art presentation equipment or anything else you need to produce your best work. 

Sunouchi Office offers convenient and affordable conference spaces as well as a full inventory of meeting room rentals, which you can reserve for the hour, day or month, without the hassle of a long-term lease. Book our enterprise-ready venues online and experience work equilibrium in top locations of Sunouchi


Available by the hour

Rent meeting rooms by the hour for as long as you need.

Customisable space

Change your room’s layout depending on your meeting’s purpose.

Simple booking

Use our app to book meeting rooms quickly – no need to phone up.

Ready to use

The room will already be set up for you when you arrive.

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